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Blockchain Education Program


Everywhere I go at the minute, the world is talking about Blockchain, and its abilities to solve many problems, the ability to fix the world, the stories are fascinating, I have met people from all walks of life, people who work on the track for Jaguar Land Rover, CEO’s of corporations, the Head of HR for Global brands whilst zip wiring in Snowdonia, they all want to know about Blockchain and what does it actually mean for them..  Plus how much money can they make on the Crypto stuff?  Confusion everywhere.

I haven’t seen this much excitement since the days of the internet and Social Media, the difference right now is that with the Internet and Social Media is available there is tons of information; but still not many places to go that you can learn and trust the information being given.



An opportunity exists right now for an online University / training programme,  managed by Practitioners, the people who have worked with the technology for many years, the team who have completed practical real-life delivery of real projects, not just those who have been on a course and now claim to be experts, a team who fully understand Blockchain and its potential,  a team who can create a career path once the learning is complete for the student.

So we are creating an online Blockchain Strategy Program, for students from all walks of life, professional individuals or just curious people can subscribe to the program and immerse themselves and learn about Blockchain, with our six-week full on program.

Content is being written, the platform is being prepared, and the marketing machine is already turning.

Students will be given a certificate of learning from a recognised practitioner organization, Rothbadi & Co.




Pathway to Success

“Moneyback learning”


The program is designed to provide a pathway for those students who want to learn, want to test and then want to implement using Blockchain.

Firstly students will subscribe to our six-week course; this will then provide them with a certificate for the ones who pass the course successfully, this will enable them to use this certificate in the real world as they have learnt from the elite providers (Rothbadi & Co), giving them credibility to any prospective employer or partner.

Secondly, for those students who wish to progress, Stage 2, an online learning centre with access to our many online live consultants, whereby students will have their own idea, and we will help them test their concepts and take them through to a final proof of concept.  (We may decide that we wish to support them beyond this stage and help deliver or share the knowledge).

Lastly, unlike any other training provider, Rothbadi & Co are in a unique position whereby the students who pass through phase 2, the best of the best could be offered a consultancy contract with Rothbadi & Co, providing them with the capacity to earn back the fees paid upfront. (“Money Back”)


Content & Platform

Alongside the above, Rothbadi &Co are working with several universities who are helping to compile the content for the courses.

We will also be working with larger organisations to allow them test Blockchain, a light touch, several week consultancy service, whereby they will bring a problem, and we will show them the result using Blockchain; this will provide them with the information to decide to go or not go with this exciting technology.

Follow on consultancy will be offered beyond this stage should the corporate decide to progress.





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